Transmedia storyteller

I've specialized in telling interactive stories using multiple platforms and innovative technologies, in order to engage an audience through immersive storytelling.

A good example of my work in this area is 19 Reinos, a transmedia experience that we created for the launch of the 4th season of Game of Thrones for Canal+ Spain.


Thanks to my experience working in transmedia and immersive storytelling, I've been invited as speaker, panelist, juror or guest lecturer to different events and institutions, such as SXSW Interactive and many others. For a full list of conferences I've been honoured to participate in, check out a list in my Linkedin profile.

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  • Technology worshiper

Stage direction

Theatre as the most primal language, back to the ritual of summoning the myths to connect with the community. There is nothing as powerful as the creation of the story, here and now.

I create immersive and interactive theatre pieces that place the audience at the center, inviting them to become the protagonists of the stories I tell. One of the best examples of this is my transmedia adaptation of Kafka's "The Trial"

Digital identity

Like everyone else, my identity is scattered across different media, across different roles. Here's a mosaic of my diverse me.


Please, drop me a line!

I'm always willing to hear about new projects, get involved in awesome movements or participate in cool events.